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how do I get pilot on raspberry pi 4

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Edited because I realized the answer to my question after a minute. How do you do the porting from Orca? I'm not really understanding that process I really like this program!

What do mean by the "porting"?

Sorry for the miscommunication, I meant the sending of commands through UDP via the port 49161, which is something that as far as I understand is what Orca is able to send to synthesizers.

We use Node's UDP library.


What happened to Marabu on Itch? I stumbled on Pilot and Orca and have been having a lot of fun with them, but would love to use a tracker too. :-)


We're not interested in maintaining it anymore, it was superseeded by Orca.

You can still get it here:

Cool thanks!

Hi, I was hoping to run this on the raspberry pi, but there doesn't seem to be any source code available. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

The debian build from the itch page should run on a Pi, but Pilot is pretty heavy, are you using a Pi 3 or 4?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. It's a pi4.


Any chance on finishing or adding a simple limiter/compressor? sometimes when I randomize effects the audio can just to pretty loud output levels. 

Any chance of turning Pilot into an Audio Unit or a VST?  The reason I ask is because I use Renoise primarily for my music, and there's no FM synth built in.  Would LOVE to have some FM synthesis from Pilot in particular.  I like the look and the controls are really nice 'n sleek.


We don't really have time to tackle this, but it's open source if anyone wanna take on that task :)

dang-it!  Wish I was a programmer 😅


It's never too late to start!

do you recommend any place to start? 

maybe just to learn how things work on a basic level to modify or fine tune stuff..... 

A perfect companion to ORCA, What other developments will you be making to Pilot?

I'm not sure. I wanna make Marabu compatible with Pilot.

After I will more commands!

Compile for 32bit, please.

I don't have a device to test this with. You could pull the repo and build it on the device itself.


Extremely elegant and hauntingly beautiful, as everything you guys do.
Love it.