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Pilot is a UDP synthetiser designed to be controlled externally. It was created as a companion application to the livecoding environment ORCA.


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pilot-osx-64.zip 59 MB
Version 17
pilot-linux-64.zip 83 MB
Version 17
pilot-windows-64.zip 63 MB
Version 17


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Any chance on finishing or adding a simple limiter/compressor? sometimes when I randomize effects the audio can just to pretty loud output levels. 

Any chance of turning Pilot into an Audio Unit or a VST?  The reason I ask is because I use Renoise primarily for my music, and there's no FM synth built in.  Would LOVE to have some FM synthesis from Pilot in particular.  I like the look and the controls are really nice 'n sleek.


We don't really have time to tackle this, but it's open source if anyone wanna take on that task :)

dang-it!  Wish I was a programmer 😅


It's never too late to start!

do you recommend any place to start? 

maybe just to learn how things work on a basic level to modify or fine tune stuff..... 

A perfect companion to ORCA, What other developments will you be making to Pilot?

I'm not sure. I wanna make Marabu compatible with Pilot.

After I will more commands!

Compile for 32bit, please.

I don't have a device to test this with. You could pull the repo and build it on the device itself.


Extremely elegant and hauntingly beautiful, as everything you guys do.
Love it.