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Nasu is a spritesheet and nametable editor created to help us design and assemble the assets of our famicon games. It can import and export both .chr spritesheets and .asm nametables.

The viewport is divided into 3 regions, the sprite editor, the tile selector and the nametable editor. The Sprite Editor allows you to see 16 tiles at once, and paint sprites in 4 colors. You can navigate the sprite editor with the w, a, s & d keys.

The Tile Editor shows you 512 sprites, or 256 sprites per page. To toggle between the two pages in memory, use the tab key, and to move the selected tile, use the arrow keys.

The Nametable Editor shows you the full 32x30 available nametable. Select a sprite in the Tile Editor and click on the nametable editor to paint it.

If you're interested in learning how to code in Assembly, we compiled a collection of tools and examples , as well as a guide.


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