Faster, better Left!

Spent the last 2 days going through the list of little annoyances that had been reported about Left, and fixed pretty much all of them. This new build should run a lot faster for long texts, and be a lot more pleasant to use overall. :)


— From Rekka & Devine.

Files 67 MB
Version 84 Aug 07, 2018 48 MB
Version 13 Aug 07, 2018 62 MB
Version 84 Aug 07, 2018 61 MB
Version 86 Aug 07, 2018 14 kB
Version 26 Aug 07, 2018

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Me gusta esta app. Pero tengo un porblema con el ancho de lugar de escritura en Windows. Quisiera saber donde tengo que modificar para solucionarlo. 


Intentalo con el emulador de UXN, le dejara cambiar la talla de la ventana

Cant install it on linux mint or based debian distro

We run debian, maybe you should just build from source instead?