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We are artist and sailors, and have been living, and working from our sailboat since 2016.

In 2020, we completed our circumnavigation of the Pacific ocean. The last passage from Japan (Shimoda) to Canada (Victoria) took 51 days, and it was the hardest thing we've ever done. We decided to keep a physical logbook of daily happenings onboard.

Upon our arrival, we transcribed the handwritten pages, so we could publish them online. Weeks later, we decided to expand on it, to release it as a digital book. We revised most of the text, expanded on specific logs, and added:

  • 51 new drawings
  • 16 new sections
    • Seasickness, Kuroshio, Sailing at night, Heaving-to, Squalls, Food, Self-steering, Food storage, Water, Birds and nature, Computers, The burden of electronics, Thrift and care, Catching rain, Coping with stress, Foul-weather gear and Pino's Japanese pantry.
  • 19 recipes

Busy Doing Nothing is 218 pages long, written in English, and formatted for e-readers. The first version is still available to read online, but doesn't include the newer content an revised text. Buying this book is a way to support our work, we put a lot of work into it, and we hope you like it.

Rekka & Devine

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AuthorRekka & Devine


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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It’s a great read, I really enjoyed it! I was aware of the online version but have never gotten around to reading it, thanks for publishing the e-book. Also, love the recipe section.

Hello! I read epubs on my phone, but something in the way this book has been laid out keeps the font super small making it difficult to read. I am not able to zoom. For your reference here is how it looks on my phone:

Here is what other epubs look like:

Hope this helps!

Ah, sorry about that. We'll see if we can make the font larger and easier to read.

No worries! I think it should be possible to un-fix the font size so the reading device can set it and the text becomes flowable.

Yea we just removed the fixed font size, should be better now :>

Looks great, thank you!


Entries have been meaningfully expanded from the transcription up on 100r.co with helpful additional thoughts and touching illustrations.  There’s added context for the start and end of their journey both in the “small” sense of crossing an ocean, as well as the grander projects of their work and home.  In most ways this is not a pleasant journey, but the lovely illustrations of Pino and their adventures plus notations of daily progress blunt even the most harrowing moments.  It’s really excellent reading, and I’m grateful for the extra work Hundred Rabbits has put into this edition.

Lovely book which looks fantastic on my Kindle Paperwhite :)