Release 1

Orca is finally out of beta! This latest version features a revamped spec which we think should be solid enough, for the foreseeable future, and a set of operators that offers the widest range of possibilities while remaining predictable and accessible. We would love to give our thanks to the amazing community that developed around Orca. You've been amazing to us.



Orca(Windows) 69 MB
Version 131 May 01, 2019
Orca(OSX) 64 MB
Version 129 May 01, 2019
Orca(Linux) 69 MB
Version 127 May 01, 2019

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Hi, I wish to be able to download the Beta 1 version, that one did work with Aioi and , the double click worked to open the files, now it has to be ctrl o, and has teh grid which i liked, 

thanks for this amazing tool!

Mhmm, you can toggle the dots on and off if you need, but why is it broken with Aioi? It should still work the same. I'll dig into it.


Release 1, Alpha 1, and Beta 1, all 3 versions lead to the same page and the same download version, at least for me in windows  (version 247)


Hey! I've been using orca for a little while and have seen some hints of live visuals in orca and I think someone mentioned orca interacting with dotgrid? I don't know if I'm just making stuff up but I can't seem to find any documentation of this besides certain videos utilizing the feature within orca. 

with there be any mouse input added,. or should I work on my own implementation?

Left Click jump cursor to position,  hold to drag a selection box,. Right Click to move around the the grid,. Mouse wheel to zoom,.  .etc.

We will never add mouse picking to Orca, you should go ahead and implement it yourself. 

I recommend adding mouse events to cursor.js

Part of what you asked seems to be implemented now:

  • Left Click jump cursor to position
  • hold to drag a selection box. 

I'm very curious about this.  i am a sound designer and composer.  how do i use this software?

Mhmm, you might wanna watch this video.



ORCA is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful environments I've ever seen. Simply stunning. Thank you for the inspiration!

I love this, I would love to see more operators and operators inside operators like a second window. Also would be cool if you could integrate Pilot into Orca so that it is one window. ALSO, I only have found the Alleyway Audio tutorial and she has only done 2 of them (which are great), I'd love to see more tutorials. Great work!

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Thanks for your comment :) 

If you like Allie's videos, you should tell her! We would love to see more as well.

It's by design that Orca and Pilot are not combined, that would open the door to having other non general-programming tools like a visualizer, and so on. We prefer to keep orca lean, as just an IDE for a programming language that can be hooked into other thing. Orca will never generate sounds or visuals.

Cool! I hope you continue to develop it, I really am having fun with it!